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The industry’s only forum dedicated to accelerating your radiopharmaceutical production and supply capabilities

As the radiopharmaceuticals field receives more positive clinical readouts and continued high-stake investment, the need for a reliable source of radioisotope and streamlined production is more vital than ever.

The 2nd TRP Supply Chain & Manufacturing Summit will delve into isotope availability, quality production and supply chain management with the key objective of keeping your trial running.

Whether you’re initiating your manufacturing processes or strengthening them, hear from cutting-edge speakers from Telix Pharmaceuticals, Ariceum Therapeutics, International Atomic Energy Agency, Ratio Therapeutics and many more.

Attend This Meeting To:

Uncover how the field is tackling pressing radioisotope supply across alpha and beta emitting isotopes including novel production processes and generator technologies to determine future isotope viability and security

Streamline your radiopharmaceutical production capabilities by hearing from industry case studies around production tech transfer, novel high yield approaches and optimal chelator selection all while maintaining product quality

Gain global regulatory clarity through understanding supply chain logistical guidelines, licencing and equipment requirements to set your trial up for guaranteed success

Strengthen your supply chain networks and learn from commercial leaders on courier and shipment selection, optimizing packaging, temperature control, live tracking and documentation management

Connect with the technical leaders driving the field to understand exactly what is needed from your commercial collaborations and therefore driving the clinical success of your radiopharmaceuticals

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